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Mortgages in TenerifeTenerife Mortgage Solutions Services

Tenerife Mortgage Solutions can offer the following services to all customers seeking a mortgage in Tenerife:

  • Mortgage pre-qualification form/approval in principle.
  • Selecting appropriate valuation company for valuation required.
  • Introduction to chosen bank with assistance from us in opening of Spanish bank account.
  • Assistance with NIE application.
  • Regular updates throughout mortgage application.
  • Liaising between chosen agent / vendor / lawyer and mortgage provider up to successful completion at the notary's office.

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Mortgages Available in Tenerife

Repayment Mortgages - Up to 80% LTV (LOAN TO VALUE)

Most banks still lend up to a maximum of 80% of the bank valuation for a repayment mortgage. In some cases the valuation will in fact be higher than the sale price. In these cases clients could achieve a 100% loan.

Interest Only Mortgages - Up to 60-70% LTV

Interest only mortgages although popular in the UK have only recently become available in Tenerife. The banks will lend up to 60-70% Loan to value. Interest only mortgages are interesting for clients who want a short term loan.

In some cases banks will offer an interest only option for the first two years of a long term repayment loan.

Equity Release / Cash Out - Up to 70% LTV

If your property in Tenerife has no mortgage you may wish to withdraw some equity from the property. Releasing equity is a product that is only available through certain banks. Some banks will allow equity release to help fund a second purchase in Tenerife or for renovations.

We have lenders who can offer equity release for clients wishing to send the funds back to their home of residence.

Re-Mortgages - Up to 80% LTV

You may wish to cancel your existing mortgage and take out a new loan where we can negotiate better terms and conditions with a different lender. Most clients will re-mortgage their property when looking to increase the loan, the term or switch to an interest only loan.

Building a villa

If you own your plot of land outright the banks will offer up to 80% of the projected value to assist during construction.


  • The maximum term for interest only mortgages is 10 years.
  • The term for repayment mortgages can range from 5 to 40 years.
  • The maximum age at expiry for a non-resident is 75 years of age.